Tampa Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is fast-paced, martial art that applies quick and direct strikes attacks along an attacker's centerline. Wih the right dedication and practice, this can be an effective self defense against would be attackers, don't waste time. Also check out my NEW WEBSITE (TAMPA WING CHUN KUNG FU.com) by clicking HERE.


1st Level Advanced Wing Chun Instructor under Sifu Och Wing Chun Kung FuTampa Wing Chun Kung Fu - Sifu Och

Tampa Wing Chun: Sifu Och, Sifu Dr. Nelson and Top InstructorsI am a certified-4th generation, Wing Chun instructor under Sifu Och and one of four instructors who started with Sifu Och over 6 years ago and continue to learn under his tutelage. I offer classes three (3) times a week at Corner Stone Church at 1234 S. 82nd Street every Wednesday (7PM) and Saturday (245PM). Also I teach in downtown Tampa at Curtis Hixson Warter Park on Fridays (6PM). The Wing Chun instruction that I offer is the same that I've learned and continue to learn under Sifu Och. With consistent hard work in training under my care you will learn how to defend yourslf (and family) with fast and powerful attacks that will render your assailant powerless and allow you to flee in a safe manner. If you would like more information about classes you may call me at 813.922.TAN1 or e-mail tampaBayWingChun@gmail.com. NEW WEBSITE: TampaWingChunKungFu.com